Flag football plays can be created quickly and effortlessly with the revolutionary play designer. Using advanced drag and drop technology you can build an entire book of football plays specifically designed around your teamís strengths and key players. This allows you to leverage your teamís abilities in the most effective on field ways. The cornerstone of the flag football play designer is the easy to follow color coordination system. Each player on the team is assigned a specific color for the entirety of the game. This does away with the need for complicated and confusing diagrams that lead to wasted time in the huddle and burned timeouts. Players simply glance at the diagram and instantly see their routes, blocks and responsibilites for the coming play. Designing flag football plays with our tool affords you several advantages over scribbling on a whiteboard. From the start you can create a bank of multiple formations for both offensive and defensive plays. You can then draw form this bank to create groups of individual plays run out of these formations, making your team a multiple threat opponent. Once formation and lineup is set, football plays can be customized in literally thousands of different ways. The flag football play designer allows you to select actions for downfield, backfield, blocking and motion, defense, option routes and routes shown in red for high priority. Whether you have a 4 man team or 11 man, flag or tackle, the football plays designer can give your team an unbeatable advantage. Assemble your own custom playbook and lead your team to ultimate domination on the field.